Pipeline Restoration Services

Pipeline Restoration proudly utilizes quality epoxy products to restore your aged and failing copper piping system. The family of epoxy materials utilized in our restoration process have been in use worldwide for over 45 years and have been applied to over 5,000 miles of domestic water lines in the United Kingdom alone.

Time tested and proven, epoxies are arguably the best material available for the restoration and protection of drinking water systems in the world.

We have worked to develop our specialized process to apply the epoxy resin to the inner surface of your copper water pipes. We can restore your system, with lines ranging in size from ½” to 1 ½”, in place with minimal disruption to interior finishes of your property. All materials used are approved for potable water contact, completely non-toxic and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

Our revolutionary pipe lining process restores your aged copper piping to a longer estimated service life than a new copper system. Corrosion, leaks and the leaching of copper and lead into the drinking water from your old pipes are eliminated for the life of your home.

We use a proven technology, in use by the U.S. Navy since 1985, that is sought after by major hotel chains, residential communities and others who recognize the inevitable expense associated with not taking the steps to prevent pipe leaks.

The pipeline restoration process, using the air driven lining system for the application of approved epoxy coating, is less expensive and invasive than the ‘rip and replace’ re-piping solution offered by other plumbing contractors. Our process is normally completed within two days for an average home, or same day for a single line, and is completed with minimal disruption to finished surfaces. Our single line restoration stops leaks and is a wonderful cost saving alternative to the ‘re-route’ of the line that is the standard solution in the industry for a slab leak. We are consistently successful in restoring pipes with leaks in the range of 1,500 to 1,600 gallons per day.

The restoration process is eco-friendly and is a green alternative to a re-route or re-pipe. The process keeps material from entering our overloaded landfills and does not require any new copper material.

Call us today to restore your copper piping system to be free from leaks and corrosion. We offer prompt service, great pricing and the peace of mind that your money is well spent because leaks will not return.

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